Friday, June 8, 2012


My Daughter was admiring the bouquets of peonies at a flower shop the other day, and told me how much she loved them. She's always been a tulip girl {and wouldn't they look great with the peonies}.

I told her that I missed the big peony bush we had at our old house, and she was surprised because she hadn't realized we had one there.

We sat and took a peak at pictures of the garden at our old house and she started to remember how many flowers we had and the variety.

Here is another peak at those lovely peony and in the background the ever bloom roses {my sweet Daughter remembers planting that first rose bush so long ago}.

Happy Weekend :: Make it a Glamourous one!


  1. These roses are so gorgeous, I like her...

    Best wishes from Germany

  2. Oh this brings back memories of my sweet Eva choosing a hot pink bouquet of peonies at the Mouffetard market in Paris! :)

  3. Who doesn't love peonies??? These photos are gorgeous!

  4. I love peonies! They are my favorite flowers. Sadly I can't grow them here in Southern California, it' just too hot and dry.

    This is my first visit to your lovely blog and I will definitely be visiting again!

  5. Your garden is in full glorious bloom!
    We don't have any peonies in our garden, but I just picked up a few bunches from Trader Joe's.
    They are on sale for $6.99 a bunch... I love a good, inexpensive indulgence.
    Happy Thursday.

    xo ox

  6. So pretty! Your garden is just lovely and peonies are my favorite flower :)