Saturday, June 16, 2012

Go ask your Father............

She may be only two, but our Granddaughter is smart enough to know that these are shoulders she can always lean on.

Both Richard and I have two children from our former relationships, all of our children are now adults {ages 27, 28, 30, 31}. All four children know that he is the go to guy. He is the one to quiz when they don't know how to handle a problem or when they need day-to-day advise.
Richard is the fun one in our relationship and always gets the kids going with good-hearted silliness. But he's also the one to put the train back on the tracks when it comes off the rails - and the kids know that.

I think that all four kids and Baby K as well, know that Richard has the sturdiest of shoulders and the biggest heart of any man. They are all blessed to have him as a Dad and Grandpa.

Happy Father's Day Richard !


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. And that, as so eloquently put, is the very essence of a tribute to fathers and what they mean to us all.

  2. This is so sweet!! Happy Father's Day to you!

  3. Happy Father's Day to that nice guy with the big shoulders. Lovely post. XO

  4. Katherine, this is a wonderful tribute to your Richard. Aren't we blessed to have such strong men in our lives. Those who can carry all of our dreams and troubles and never tire of it?
    sending hugs...

  5. What a sweet image! Enjoy the lovely week ahead, Kellie xx