Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black and White

Did you know that it was originally believed that zebra's were white animals with black stripes? In fact, the background colour of a zebra is black and the markings are white. No matter what way the striping is layered, the zebra remains one of the most striking and elegant looking animals.

I like to think that the love of black and white stripes has something to do with this African equids elegant beauty.

VOGUE Australia

I have always had a love for black and white fashion or decor, in particular STRIPES. It is something that never seems to go out of style, and this season is proving that black and white stripes are a hot trend again.

gap interiors

Z Gallerie

Clean. Crisp. Vivid. Bold.


Vertical. Horizontal.


Any room. Any season. Any style. Black and white stripes work.



Black and white stripes make a strong statement on their own and are highlighted even more with a punch of colour added.

When my Son was a small boy I decorated his room in black and white stripped wallpaper. I knew it would work for him at that age and yet add an element of fun with a grown up feel. The black and white stripes popped when all of the boy toys were added to the room...... the bright lego toys, a red gumball machine and bold blue accents. I made a black and white striped bear to sit on the floor and add a whimsical element with other bright coloured toys.
The room of course was decorated a few times over after that, but the strength of the black and white stripes could carry on into any room.

Many brides have jumped on the black and white wedding theme, and there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to stripes.

snippet and ink

The use of curtains creates stripes.

BEimage via bizbash

Add a graphic punch to your life with black and white stripe.

ruthie sommers

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