Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hair Style Revival

Fashion trends come back around and re-invent themselves in cycles. There are some trends that we can all afford to live without, like the over-sized shoulder pads that were stuffed into the line of every jacket or dress back in the 80's.

Hair styles are no different on the merry-go-round of fashion revivals. The bouffant coiffure was adopted by Marie Antoinette to help give her fine hair the illusion of a much fuller look. The over-teased and exaggerated puff was THE hairstyle in the 60's with woman of all sectors wearing the back-combed and generously lacquered 'do'.

The ladies of Motown {The Supremes, Ronnettes, Etta James}, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Mary Tyler Moore, all wore the 'fluffed' look. The idea of 'big hair' took on another dimension in the 80's when we all began to wear the new claim to the bouffant stardom. I had my hair cut short at the time, but the layers were long enough on the top that I could curl and then tease my hair BIG {I really need to scan some of my old pictures to add to the blog}.

Each generation reinvents portions of fashion trends and adapts them in a new way. The puff hairstyle has made a new resurgence with a soft and feminine appeal that even I would wear. Beyond the mega watt voices of Adele and Jennifer Hudson, both woman wore elegant classic fashions and soft puff hairstyles at last weekends Grammy Awards presentation.

ADELE                                                     via AP

JENNIFER HUDSON                   via matt sayles for AP

The styling wasn't the over processed and starched look that first made the puff popular, but a softer sexy fullness that brought a feminine finish to their total look. Jennifer Hudson wore the 60's helmet hair version when she acted in Dream Girls. We've seen her style in both fashion and hair evolve with Jennifer's talent, and now her style floats into the ease as a sexy young woman with her svelte figure.

Dream Girls

Jennifer's hair was softly curled and backcombed to create the the feminine coiffure.
Adele's thick hair, now a lighter golden shade, was lightly puffed and flipped to add a soft and flirty dimension. I love this look on both of these Grammy Award winning ladies, and I think I'd like to play with it a bit myself.

via AP

matt sayles - AP

The puff can be calmed for daytime - here is a bit of inspiration............

Drew Barrymore

Catherine Deneuve

 Anne Hathaway

For me, I think I'll try a few rollers and light back-combing. Maybe be a little shy with the 'puff' idea for fear of looking like a flashback to another era.

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  1. Its funny because my hair was too thick and needed thinning so thats what I did on Saturday. My husband is much happier but I do love the soft curls they are using. Sometimes mine does that naturally. Have a wonderful new week. Fiona