Friday, February 10, 2012

Couture Design :: Mark Belford

I was off last week visiting my good friend Mark Belford at his studio in Yorkville {Toronto}. Mark is a talented Couture Designer who understands the beauty of a woman and creates the most elegant fashion for 'ladies'. Mark adores the romantic soft vintage Hollywood aura and it is reflective in his designs; but you can see that he injects a little bit of daring in each and every fashion he creates.

Mark Belford Couture {in the design studio}

I first shared details about Mark's couture designs here, and since that posting 'Mr. Vivacious' {he really does have the most incredible smile} has been concentrated on producing glamourous gowns for some very special clients.

Although I love the swooping long red carpet style gowns, I will admit that the flirty short dresses that Mark dreams up makes me feel like skipping off to flash my gams.  That is precisely what the lovely Michele Hicks did at the Moca Gala when she donned a Mark Belford Couture dress for the event.

Michele Hicks via Vogue {Dutch}

Michele Hicks at the Moca Gala - wearing Mark Belford Couture

I had the opportunity last week to get a sneak peak at some elegant and sensationally glamourous couture designs while visiting Mark at his studio. And while it is the height of the red carpet season with various awards shows and gala's, there is a whirl of excitement over the fashions yet to be seen.

While the average viewer of red carpet affairs will sit back and absorb the parade of elegant fashions, there are those in the business of creating fashions who are working for months in advance. Mark shared with me the images and drawings of several designs that are possible contenders for the red carpet at the Oscars.
For 'A List' celebrities the options are more abundant when it comes to deciding on what frock to wear. For the designers, they are in the running just like all Oscar nominees to see if their creations will make the magical walk.

This gown and the one behind it, which I wish I had a better image of, are two of my favourite designs from Mark Belford Couture.  

details on the flower

I had available to me a few images of the red carpet gowns, but I am fearful to not jinx the handsome Mr. Belford by showing them before they are possibly worn. The two gowns pictured above are from previous collections - I love both of these gowns and pride myself that I didn't sneak them out for me.
I will say that there is one gown set aside for the Oscar's that literally made me gasp, and of course I rambled on to Mark about who I think would be best suited for this once in a lifetime couture design. It is red - and STUNNING.

As I wandered through the studio and took in all the layers of fabrics, the intricate hand beaded Swarovski crystal sections being prepared for various gowns, I listened to Mark describe the various nuances to each creation. For Mark his heart and soul is in everything he does. Women who wear his creations and go through the process of fitting know that the most important thing for Mark is that he makes you look glamourous.

There is currently a little red chiffon flirty show-of-your-gams dress in Mark's studio. I started babbling along to Mark about who should wear this dress - it is killer sassy. But one of my favourite gowns that Mark created was featured on the cover of FQ Magazine and was worn in the in the Heart Truth's Red Dress Fashion Show.

THE Red Gown

Jeffrey Felner, who is a journalist with The Examiner, asked Mark Belford during an interview last November  : 'who or what is your inspiration?'.

Mark : 'The three generations of incredible women in my family, my Mother, my Grandmother {Nana} and my Great Grandmother; who with a passionate appreciation for couture nurtured my creative spirit from a young boy and who instilled in my soul a relentless belief in humanity and the power of positive thought.'

Mark's answer didn't surprise me. I've know since I first met him that the beautiful woman early in his life are what gets his creative spirit flowing to this day. A wonderful portrait of his Mother Joan hangs in his studio nearest to his desk at all times, and you can feel her in the studio with him. I am certain that Mark hears the whisper of his Mother's words of guidance and pride when he is creating a new  design.


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