Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Born in a Barn

The words 'were you born in a barn?' was something that many of us may have heard from our Mother when we were growing up. The phrase actually was in reference to the draft that suddenly poured into the house from a gust of air from an open door.

I have a great appreciation for the influence that barn doors have in common house decor. Here are some great design styles incorporating barn doors and doors on barn hinges in almost every area inside the home.

Barn Doors on the Bar-B-Que hut.

Barn Door with transom window to allow light between rooms.

Original wood barn door makes a rustic entry to the bath.

refined doors with notched handles glide on barn rollers

Barn doors hide the laundry room and add a punch of colour to the space.

This rustic single barn door conceals the pantry shelf in a kitchen.

Wood frame doors with screening glide on barn door rollers {love this idea}.

Full doors on barn rollers are a great alternative to tradition sliding patio doors.

Traditional barn doors painted out to match the decor add an elegant function to the space.

Of course a barn door could be placed on the exterior as an accent.

I urge you to take a peek over at For the Love of a House {here} to see the beautiful barn doors that Joan and Dan installed in their renovated  New Hampshire home. 
The barn door raising can be seen here - all 700 pounds of solid wood on iron rails. 
The highlight of the barn room transformation are the antique doors with wood that glows in all of its rustic charm.

We have 12 foot high antique doors very similar to these ones. Hmmm, maybe putting them on barn door rollers is a way to use them and highlight their beauty. hmmmm !!



  1. Gorgeous barn doors! Love the ones that's got that rustic touch. Have a fabulous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  2. Beautiful images of barn doors Katherine. I have dreamed of living in a barn for years. Actually a horse stable :) I have seen some in our area that have been done and they are amazing living spaces. I too, especially love the doors in the last image.
    sending hugs...

  3. I have yet to enjoy barn doors anywhere near my home inside or out! That's unacceptable considering where I live but boy oh boy do I love them. We have many friends who live out in the country and when we go to visit I lust over their barns. Honestly I think that they think i'm a bit crazy.
    I know that your beautiful post here is about barn doors but I have to tell you...this girl's wanting the entire barn that would be attached! No horses or hay invited, I need some space to call my own!!!
    I still can't believe that my favorite doors in the whole wide world are on your header, I've had that hardware on my mind for years and years.
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    xo Lisa

  4. It’s surprising to see that the barn door, which is typically associated with old barn homes, is now being used in modern and urban homes. The photos here are just a few examples of how an old barn door gives a touch of elegance to a modern home. I love the third photo with an original barn door. The rustic touch of the barn door is quite classy.

  5. I love checking out home design pinboards on Pinterest and I’ve seen a lot of barn door ideas lately. It seems that barn doors are trending these days! Well, with its unique design and curve appeal, many would surely love to have it on their homes.

  6. Any idea the brand name of the door seen with the caption "Full doors on barn rollers are a great alternative to traditional patio doors" picture? I can't find them anywhere.

    1. I don't know who the manufacturer is of those doors. You might find them on Houzz.