Sunday, February 12, 2012

White Valentine

In Japan, it is the women who give gifts of chocolates for Valentine's Day, generally to the men in their life although some gifts are presented to female friends. This is a symbol of love, courtesy or social obligation. Handmade chocolates are preferred by the man who receives the gift as it generally signifies that he is the girls 'one and only'. 
The gifts of chocolates are divided into three types; giri choco {obligatory chocolate}, honmei choco {chocolate for the 'one and only'}, and tomo choco {for a girls girlfriends}. 

It is likely that most women in Japan will present up to 30 boxes of chocolate on Valentine's Day. It is important that the woman includes her co-workers and men she comes in contact with on a regular basis. Can you imagine if you had a social circle with a broad range? 

Don't think for one minute that the men get off easily. One month later, on March 14th, the men who were fortunate enough to receive gifts of chocolate have the opportunity to return the love. White Day is the day that men generously give white boxes of chocolates to those who gifted them on Valentine's Day. And for an unknown reason the box of bon bons is supposed to be bigger than the one received. Ha......... White Day, I think I love you. 

Rita Hayworth with a lot of chocolate love.

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