Sunday, September 1, 2013

New friend

It was one of those moments, the kind you could never imagine being so big. 

Kya kissing her new friend Sharky.
When you are three years old and you enter into the world of fish via the local Aquarium store, it's like a whole new world. Room after room of tanks filled with colourful creatures swimming around. The excitement of taking just one home is enough to make a girl giddy.
With a half dozen Beta fish bowls before her eyes Kya made her choice; 'the blue boy fish please'.
One fish bowl, colourful gravel, a little plastic greenery, teeny tiny food bits and the new friend all tucked into the car - we headed home.

Such a small price for such a rich reward. 

Two dozen times since Sharky has come home Kya has chirped; 'Oh thank-you Grandma for taking me to the big fish store. I had so much fun. And thank-you for my new fish. High-five'.

Just like in the Mastercard commercial - it's priceless.

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  1. Such a a lovely, tender post...and a memory captured...very sweet.
    Have a great week.