Thursday, September 5, 2013

The price of a Gentleman

When I announce to my Granddaughter that we have to go to the bank she gets excited.
You see, the bakery is right across the street from the bank.

We wander into the bakery and every time Kya captures the attention of the ladies behind the counter with her usual request.....
'Umm, excuse me lady. Can I please have a Gentleman'.

The girls chuckle and package up a gentleman - a'ka a Gingerbread cookie, in a little brown bakery bag.

The truth is Kya would rather have one of these colourful cookies, and occasionally Grandma breaks down and buys the iced sugar cookie. The iced cookies may look like fun, but the gentleman cookie is her favourite cookie.

Price of a Gentleman = $1.75. 
 When I hear Kya chirp out her request each time,
the value of a Gentleman is Priceless.


  1. She knows how to pick 'em :) Now this is a man anyone would love !
    Such a darling post Katherine!
    many hugs...

  2. That is so sweet, Katherine..she must light up your life :-)
    I've never thought of a gingerbread man as a gentleman before...I will now!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. These look delicious..and a delicious break from fashion week as well!