Thursday, January 19, 2012

What an incredible sound

Today we received a heart tugging note and a home video from Richard's Sister. In the video Deb was at the oncology department joyously ringing a bell. Deb has just completed her fourth session of chemotherapy as part of her treatment for breast cancer.  She will continue on in four weeks with radiation.

She explained: 
'Each time a chemo patient has completed their last chemo treatment a bell is rung to celebrate. All of the patients and staff look forward to the day they can ring the bell with hope for the future, and with gratitude for the wonderful care from the Credit Valley Hospital staff in the oncology department.'

Deb is a nurse and had worked in the oncology department some years ago, she continues nursing in another sector now. She is the most fit person, and the most up beat person I have ever met. Deb runs marathons, cycles in marathons, swims, and skis. I'm almost afraid to ask sometimes what else she is doing because I can't help but feel lazy. She LOVES to be active and thrives on it, and none of this slowed her down. 
I think one of the keys to Deb's good health now is that she had conditioned her body and her mind all of her life. I cannot describe how incredible she looks and how positive she is. 

As I watched the eight second clip of her ringing the bell I couldn't help but have a huge lump choke my throat. I'm so proud of her, we all are. Deb has the love and support of a devoted husband and two children. And then there is the huge family ..... the gaggle of all of us waiting for the bell of celebration to ring.

I kept thinking from the moment Deb told us she had cancer and was waiting for the results for treatment: she's really strong, she's a nurse, she knows what this is all about. Somewhere I got the idea that it would be less frightening for her because she knows what to expect, and she knows what must be done to be healthy through this process. How crazy of me. 
The truth is that she knows more than anyone all of the details and she stood strong throughout it all. 

So there she is today on an eight second video clip ringing the bell on the wall in the oncology department, clapping her hands and wearing her million watt smile. 
What an incredible sound... the bells of celebration, the sound of applause for the gratitude and the cheers of faith.


  1. Deb is lucky to have you for her cheer leader Katherine. I could hear your love of her in your writing. I am sending her good wishes and support her in her fight. I am sure her diligence in taking care of herself is paying off for sure.
    many hugs...

  2. That is great news! I got goosebumps already just reading Deb's story. Have a fabulous start of the week, Kellie xx