Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Blah !

Although I am thankfully that this January the month is not 'white' {as in snow covered}, the greyness can leaving me feeling kind of blah. Maybe we have it all wrong, maybe we do need some of the white fluffy stuff so we can have a snow day. Then we could stay at home, make cookies, snuggle down and watch old movies for the day.

The craziness of the holidays are over, the decorations are stowed away for another year. And now we wait ......  for spring ........ for sunshine ........ for warm breezes. 
And it seems so far away. 

Oh Blah !

I have so many projects to do and talked myself into the idea that doing them in the winter makes much more sense. But the days are grey and lazy.

My to-do list is pretty simple ..... some small painting projects, installing a new daybed in the spare room for our granddaughter, organizing our photo's that need to be scanned. 
I have a new camera that Richard a'ka Santa bought me for Christmas. I can sit for days playing with it and trying out the features. But it feels as if all of the images might turn out grey right now. 

Comfort food like milk & cookies makes everything seem brighter.

Normally I'm a little peeved that the stores have barely taken the Christmas tree's down and they are promoting Valentine's Day. But this year it seems encouraging to see the progress of the season, and bright spring colours landing in the stores early. A smile did come to my face when I walked into a store and saw racks of colourful jeans. Whew, I had the sensibility to buy two pairs of bright jeans in the summer. No grey there.

To my blog friends in Australia I want to say - Bless you, and thank you for sharing the beautiful images of your spring/summer flowers. You brighten the days for those of us who are looking at dirt smudges on the windows and cloudy skies.

Here's to adding a big dash of colour to the day.

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