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Albeit that our tans have faded from the beach vacation we enjoyed in December, the memories of the beautiful resort lingers and seems to call out to us. 
Richard and I desperately (ok, maybe not desperate - but it felt like it) needed to escape to a beach for two weeks. We enjoyed the inclusive luxury of Excellence Resorts when we stayed at the Cancun (Mexico) destination twice in the past couple of years. 
This time we packed our swimsuits and headed out to
Excellence Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

Beach Beds @ Excellence Punta Cana

The exclusive adult resorts have earned the right to boast that as a guest you will be spoiled. Attention to detail and the whim of guests needs are at the top of the Excellence menu.

The romantic getaways are surrounded by lush tropical greenery and are situated on private beaches. The Punta Cana destination we stayed in features two generous size pools with one of them rambling on forever like a river.

There are eight unique restaurants to tantalize your taste buds with an abundant selection of food ensuring that you cannot possibly go hungry. The resort labours over several outdoor festival style events each week. The 'White Night' is a beautiful evening of food and celebration under the strings of white canopies, lights, set with chairs and decor draped in white fabric. It is suggested that guests wear white for the evening which creates an elegant aura to the night. Part of this sparkling night is the entertainment program that is a well executed circus/acrobatic routine.

Circus performers @ Excellence Punta Cana

There is a different entertainment show each night and by far our favourites were the Circus Show with full acrobatic/aerial routines, and the Micheal Jackson review. The performer who portrays the late pop king has perfected the routine to the point that you believe there could possibly have be an incarnation. We discovered that the entertainment group is a talent filled pool who generously performs across a strong cross section.

circus performer

There is a great saxophone player who performs nightly in the lounge area. We always went and celebrated with a glass of bubbly ........ and a couple of dances before dinner each night.
I LOVE dancing with Richard.

Richard and I at White Night.

Adding another layer of exclusivity and luxury is the Excellence Club. This level of luxury includes private members bar, private beach area, some resorts feature private pool area's for Excellence Club guests, and of course private concierge service.

Excellence Club Beach Beds

I really enjoy being at the pool edge and swimming in the fresh water sans the whip of the salt water waves that the ocean provides. The layout of the resort and long pool allows guests to relax at the beach and make the choice to swim in the ocean or the pool. We found that the design of the facilities in the resort meant that everything was easily accessible.

The resorts offer something for everyone, the choice is yours. Swim up to the pool bar for the constant happy hour, and join in an active game of water volleyball. There is the tranquil area of the resort where you can lay by the waterfall pool and hear nothing but the splash of the water. 

Enjoy a game of giant chess or sweat through a workout at the well equipped gym {hurray for us, we hit the gym every second day}.

We ventured off of the resort one day to take in a scuba/snorkeling excursion. And although we did not take part in the horseback riding program, guests can enjoy a gallop along one of the outer beaches.

The resort employs 700 people who meet an advanced criteria that exceeds many of the other resorts in the area; the result is a definitive level of service.
Whenever we greeted one of the staff and ask 'how are you today'; endearingly they replied 'Ex-cell-en-tay'.
They truly have earned the right to boast that they are Ex-cell-en-tay.

Richard breathing in the air at the beach.

  We relaxed and enjoyed the tranquility of this beautiful resort.
The highlight of the trip was having time together...... just the two of us. It was so romantic.

In a few days I will take you on a tour of the luxurious spa.

All images by Katherine :: Glamour Begins At Home

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