Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kiss Me At Midnight

The clock is ticking towards the end of what was an exciting and wonderful year for us. When I think back over the past twelve months and all of the experiences we had, I am overwhelmed. 

We celebrated our Granddaughters first birthday in 2011. We celebrated the success of a new division added to Richard's business. I celebrated my first year as a blogger. 
We celebrated so many successes and happy times with our children and family.

We know that we are blessed. 


As the New Year approaches you can't help but think about what the upcoming months will hold. Many people prepare a resolution to begin the calendar year. I find myself recanting the same message again this year .....'I will put more effort into taking care of my health'. 
I did pretty well in 2011 kick starting back into an regular exercise routine ...... well, at least towards the end of the year. And I guess ending the year on a positive drive will ensure that I'll start a new year the same way.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution ?

I can count on one hand the number of times I have celebrated New Year's Eve at a large party, preferring to celebrate in the comfort of our home. I think it's the perfect setting to say goodbye to the year gone past and to welcome a brand new year of promise. 

Norman Parkinson 1951 Vogue

There were a few years when I was happy to see the calendar finally put away..... we all have a tough year at some point in our life. No matter what the year brought, I always took a moment to say thanks for all the goodness in my life. 

As 2011 comes to a close I will give thanks for all of the experiences that this year brought to my life. And for 2012..... I know it's going to be an exciting year of changes, new opportunities and continued dreams with my Honey. 

When the clock strikes twelve I know that my heart will be filled with the love that is deep within our family; I know that we will kiss at midnight to welcome the New Year. 

Happy New Year to all. 
May your year be filled with good health and happiness !


  1. Happy New year to you to my friend!
    I am so grateful to have had to opportunity to meet you this past year! I look forward the the new year!
    Hugs from here

  2. You do have some wonderful milestones to celebrate! Happy New Year and thank you for your lovely comment. XO

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