Thursday, December 22, 2011

Four Sleeps until Christmas

With only a couple of days left until Christmas the thing that I am wishing for is a bit more time to finish everything I need to do. The truth is that even if I had another week to prepare I would use every minute adding on to the original plans, fussing and tweaking things.

Lucy and Ricky

This year I am less prepared than usual...... two weeks on a beach in December will do that. I haven't even started wrapping gifts, but I know that everything will come together. Only a few more 'sleeps' and the joy and magic of Christmas will be here. Our children will gather with us and it will fill our hearts to see them having fun together.

Send me a note and share what is on your Santa wish list..... I'm asking for more time to blog.

Grace Kelly

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  1. You are so right, no matter how much time I have this time of year, it's not enough! :-)
    I wished for a iPad and Santa was very generous and I got my wish.
    LOL, I too wish there was more time to blog, read posts and peruse and pin to Pinterest.