Saturday, December 10, 2011

List of Gifts

There is much more to Christmas than the commercial aspect of gift giving; but most of us do get wrapped up {sorry for the pun} in the lists of gifts we need to buy. I am generally good at making a gift choice for someone without asking 'what would you like from Santa'. 
I have been searching for some idea's and have found some different items that I think would work well wrapped up and under the tree. I have special people in mind for several of the gifts, but thought that maybe this quick list may help with a few idea's for you as well.

Great Hostess Gift ::  Acacia Rectan Cheese Board from Crate & Barrel

For Her : Vintage style travel jewel cases from Pottery Barn

For anyone ::  Old World Leather journals from

Hostess Gift: Woodfire scent candle/diffuser from Z Gallerie

For Him {or Her to compliment great French cuff blouses} : custom cuff links from WhiteTruffle on Etsy

For Her : leather coin purse 'If the shoe fits buy it' - it's perfect to tuck a little gift card in. From

For Him or Her : Roots leather weekend bag {we both of one of these, available in black as well ... love it!}

For Anyone {in need} : a little self therapy fun note pad from Z Gallerie

For anyone : Adele, live performance DVD {the power voice} from

For the Cook : Herb Keeper from Crate & Barrel 

For Anyone : Clarus display boxes from Crate & Barrel. Perfect to tuck special keepsakes in.

For Her : Tiffany Scooter charm & a bevy of other great charms/accessories At Tiffany & Co.

For them : Sweet words to dream on. Pillows from HoneyPieDesign on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to get some terrific idea's and many of the blogs I follow {check my list of fav's} have their own wonderful gifts and products to offer as well. 

Something I have always told my children rings so true especially at this time of the year when we tend to overindulge : 

'It's not the presents, it is your presence'.


  1. That is a wonderful saying Katherine. I think that will become a favorite of mine as well.
    Your ideas for gifts are truly lovely choices. I LOVE the little red coin purse, but my fave is the little travel cases from PB.
    sending hugs...

  2. These are lovely! I adore that fabulous Tiffany scooter charm! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx