Sunday, October 27, 2013

Black : Noir

There was a period of time that I wore only black, or white, or black and white. 
Oddly enough, I didn't realize it until someone mentioned it to me.
The same person told me that black and white are not colours.

Oh the shades, the many many shades of black...............

 There is a beauty and purity of wearing just black.
Black is solid, stated, unwavering, professional, edgy, fun, dark, morbid, 
and perfect for every occasion.

Not everyone can wear orange, not everyone can wear yellow,
not everyone can wear red.............
you get the idea.

But black..... well, there isn't a complexion that she doesn't embrace.

What other colour is capable of representing so much.
From mourning to risque, it is black that most of us will gravitate towards.
Black has become for many professionals, the trademark uniform.

How is it that one colour can hide a multitude of sins,
and yet flaunt our sinful side. 

Then without surprise, she shines even more when the other colours come out to play.


  1. The first photo is exquisite...oh, I LOVE black to and indeed white and black and white :)
    No other colour beats the elegance and simplicity of black!

  2. Beautifully black Katherine! I love the images of the many shades of it. I never ever wear black but weirdly I just bought the prettiest black top the other day :)))))
    I loved the post of your little Kya peeking into the 'big girl' room!
    hugs from here...

  3. Gorgeous post. That last one is simply STUNNING