Sunday, October 13, 2013

So Much to beThankful for.

This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Amid all the hustle of grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking and setting the table, I always find myself feeling a bit choked up during this holiday. Maybe it's because the rhythm of holiday preparations are so normal for us, and I find myself thinking about people who don't have what we consider 'normal'. And isn't that the point of giving thanks. The point is to be thankful AND to give back.

All of the grocery stores I shop in have a points reward program, and they all ask when I get to the cash 'do you want to redeem any of the dollars accumulated'. There are only three times a year that I redeem the points - Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I use the points and double the amount with cash to purchase non perishable goods for the local food banks. The grocers make it easy with prepared packages and food bank deposit bins right at the store. 
I honestly couldn't imagine leaving the grocers with bags that are fuller because of our holiday shopping and not thinking of people who need their grocery bags filled too. It is a small gesture that I encourage everyone to think of - everyday. 

If I wrote a list of all the things I am thankful for, the list would be very long. 
I am blessed.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend,
take the time to give back to someone else in some way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. What you do at the grocery store 3 times a year is a heartfelt and wonderful give-back.
    You bless others with your kindness - and have many blessings in return. This is part of the endless circle of giving - it touches all with grace :)