Monday, October 7, 2013

A Fling with Tartan

It is here in North America that we refer to Tartan as Plaid. But in Scotland plaid is the tartan cloth that is flung over the shoulder as an accessory when wearing a kilt, in essence it is a blanket. Tartan is wool fabric woven in differently coloured yarns in a cross barred pattern. 

Are you following ?

The only thing you need to know about Tartan a'la Plaid is that it never, ever, goes out of style. 
Tartan-like leggings were discovered on the 'Cherchen Man', a 3,000 year-old mummy found in the Taklamakan Desert in western china.  
Yes - Always in style.

Bo Didley
Tartan was much more than just a Highland Fling, it is a statement.

Rod Stewart rocked it on stage for many years in Tartan, but it was just Rod this week that he was joined on stage by his sons who showed just how cool wearing a tartan kilt could be.

While some people stylishly mix the tartans together, others wear only what they are 'entitled' to wear. Association to a tartan comes through a clan, a family or the military unit. 
We have a family tartan that is pretty popular, I think it is used often because of the bright mix of colours. 

Many of our early family ancestors moved to Ireland, so although tartans originated in Scotland, my paternal Grandfather proudly wore the bright weaved mix in Ballymena, Ireland were he was born. 
My sister and I always had a Buchanan tartan kilt in our closet and wore them to school... with knee socks of course.

Our love affair with tartan takes the colour filled crisscross weaves into so many area's of our life.

Black Watch Tartan by joolzhayworth via etsy

With the Fall Fling with Tartan high on the fashion scene I decided to give pretty tartan pants a try. I purchased slim leg pants in the Black Watch tartan {which is the most popular today}. One of the things I didn't want was to wear tartan pants and look like one of the great aunts of the royal family, so the cut and colour value was important. I found a great pair at Jacobs and after searching for images to prepare this posting I have since decided to add the matching jacket. I think the jacket will be a great item to mix with jeans or solid colour dress pants and skirts.

I would never have thought to wear the plaid together {seemed like way too much}, but set with a pretty sweater or light chambray blouse it changes the look.


Pencil skirt in Black Watch Tartan.
McQueen {of course}

Layers of classics - tartan blouse, camel pea coat, pearls.

The Royals are famous for wearing tartan.
Tartan pants by Mango - Chambray shirt by Zara
This image of a pretty bride has landed on many blogs and pinterest boards - and all for a very good reason. The combination of plaid and pretty is so well appointed it has become the lesson on how to blend the ying and yang elements. 

The plaid shirt is very fitted {as a bodice of a wedding gown would be} and balanced well with the lush full tulle skirt, double high cumber band and generous bow.

Get your pretty on and inject a bit {or a lot} of tartan into your wardrobe this season. It's not just for kilts and doing a jig. 


  1. Tartans are so pretty during fall! I love seeing the Royals wear theirs!

  2. I LOVE tartan and use to wear it a lot...not so much now...although, I'd wear a little and mix it up a little...gorgeous photo of Linda :)
    Have a good week.

  3. One of my favorite suits was red and black tartan!! I think every wardrobe and home needs a little tartan pickup!