Friday, November 1, 2013

What a Treat

The town we live in has a Halloween parade of 'tot's' along main street. Children under the age of five toddle along in their Halloween costumes while the shop keepers give out treats at their doorstep.
It is the cutest event in town by far. My Granddaughter was fascinated by the whole process last year and today proved she is a seasoned pro when it comes to parading.

Kya dressed as Jessie from Toy Story - at Mendocino

at Lulu Lemon 

the ladies at Blue Boho and shop keeper of the new tea shop in town.

While the two and three year old's are busy practicing their shout out of 'trick or treat', the parents and shop keepers are enjoying all of the cuteness. The costumes were adorable......... twin girls dressed as little chicks, a tiny girl dressed as Princess Leia, and her older brother who was barely three - dressed as Luke Skywalker. All of the children easily stole everyone's heart with their cuteness.

Many of the shop keepers and staff dress in costume as well which adds a big surprise for the tot's. Both fire and police departments are there giving out colouring books and assisting little trick or treaters up into the fire truck for a photo opportunity.

Candy was on the menu at Cob's Bakery today.

While older siblings may be at school enjoying a Halloween event, this parade is dedicated to just the youngest residents of town. Seniors in town settle in at some of the coffee shops to watch the costume parade. It's fun and a feel good time - I love it!

Kya has always been a little beacon of light, the goodwill ambassador talking to everyone; so many of the shop keepers know her. To add to the cuteness was the fact that my Daughter and I had to take Kya to see her 'friends' at the bank, the bakery, the drug store. She twirled on her red sparkle Jessie cowgirl boots at each visit.

Kya at the doorway of Mendocino last year as Madeline and this year as Jessie. Clearly hats are her thing.

I realized today that even when Kya is 'a big girl' {as she calls it} and no longer at the Tot's on Parade; I will most likely be found at the coffee shop with the seniors..... taking in the adorable scenery.


  1. Oh my goodness---this is so darling Katherine!!!!! Kya makes the cutest little Jessie ever!!!!
    many hugs...

  2. June, it is so darn adorable to see all the little ones in their costumes on Halloween morning. It's such a fun event that I think other towns should try.