Thursday, April 12, 2012

Point O'View

It was in June of last year that I first took pictures of a pretty 1902 circa summer cottage home at the lake in Oakville. The 4,000 square foot house know in our neighbourhood as 'the old Lind house', was more lovingly crowned the name 'Point O'View' by the Lind Family who bought the property back in the early 1950's.

Spirea adorns the side of the Lind House.

Veranda of the Lind House offers picture perfect views of Lake Ontario.

Many years ago the house was upgraded with forced air heating to create an all season home. But it is the perfect positioning at the lakes edge combined with 84 windows, that provides the ultimate in summer living by the water.

The house went on the market over a year ago and finally sold. The list price for the house was $2,875,000.  The view offers the buyer the perfect location, albeit that the constraints of upgrading a Historical home creates a need for a buyer with patience and a healthy budget.     

The home sits on a third acre of land, the living room featured the original fireplace that had been built with stone from the lake.

But now it was time to start the upgrading..............

The veranda railing had been removed and the house was being prepared to be stilted up for the foundation/cellar to be built.

At the time of the sale the notes on the house listed an original butler's pantry with tall cabinets and a wooden counter top (wooden counter tops would be top on my list to replace). Alexander and Anne Lind lived in the house until they died in their nineties. The Lind children discovered that their parents had tucked away many ancestral documents within the house. One of the recovered documents outlined that one of their ancestors had been captured as a young boy on a ship in the English Channel and he was imprisoned in France. Among the papers was a diary outlining his many escapes and the pardon he received from Napoleon III.

As the renovation began the house started to become a shell. A few weeks ago I took these pictures of the house up on stilts waiting for the new foundation to be built.

The old Lind House {Point O'View} - now a shell on stilts.

 The costs associated with the extensive renovation/upgrade combined with the property purchase could easily double the original price. If the final result is a dream home build with ultimate views, then it is priceless. Albeit that the new homeowner is probably not saying that as the costs to restore mount.

Looking back from the lake edge.

With the dedication to a total build - sans the shell, the home needs to be enjoyed by a new family for years to come to gain the market value that has been spent. I'm sure the new property owners keep abreast of the project progress, and drink in the million dollar view to remind themselves why they chose the Point O'View.

Here's a peak at the view they will have from their newly restored veranda.

view from Point O'View Estate.

I will post more updates on the house re-build and pictures from the curb as it progresses. If it is as spectacular as I imagine it could be, there will be a magazine feature in the future {calling out to Canadian shelter magazine publishers}.