Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter traditions.........

Jennifer Benner

For us, Easter means celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It offers us a time to reflect, give thanks and gather our family together for the celebration.

The renewal of spring at Easter time means that everything is in bloom, and I couldn't be happier about that. I love seeing the buds on the tree's, the bulbs pop up from their hibernation and the abundance of flowers at the market. Our neighbourhood is beginning to burst with fresh spring flowers.

A lush garden in Oakville.

Garden at St. Jude's Church - Oakville

I am without my own garden right now while we try and find a new home. Container gardening is just not the same, but I still fuss with flowers in colourful ceramic pots to give myself the sense that I'm attending a 'small garden'.
I have had a request to consult for someone and design their garden beds. I welcome the opportunity to dig and play in someone's garden, so the 'planning' may come with a lot more for both of us.

Stone chicks sitting in the containers of my garden.

And I dream of building a large flower garden again...........

Quebec garden.

We took a road trip to Quebec about three years ago and came upon many beautiful stone homes with lush floral gardens. The layers of flowers nestled in front of the hydrangea had me stopping to snap a few pictures.

As I try and contain myself from bringing home every flower from the market {they seem to cry out to me when I pass by}, my attention turns to the long list for our Easter dinner celebration. Of course it will include eggs, chocolate, cake and special meals as we gather together.


I always hid {sometimes very obviously} mini chocolate eggs and jelly beans for my children to hunt for at Easter. Do they know how excited I was getting each special holiday together for us as a family. I think they do. My children are incredible people and they continue on the traditions I established for us so many years ago.
Last year was our Granddaughters first Easter. What a fun time it was to watch my Daughter begin the traditions with her baby that we shared as a family for so many years.

Baby K last Easter trying her hand at cake for the first time.

We didn't make coloured eggs for Easter at our house. Maybe I could have gotten away with telling my children that the colourful chicks laid the coloured eggs.......


Royal Winter Fair Toronto                                  image: glamour begins at home

Of course it wouldn't be a celebration without me fussing with the dinner table and the trimmings. These are a couple of great idea's on dressing your dinner table from Jordan Winery in Niagara.

Irish Moss with sparkle eggs.

Add several small vases with flowers around the moss and eggs to brighten up a table.  

Simple table setting of grass that can be transferred to the garden. via homebasedmom

colourful glassware for the Easter table from Pottery Barn

Table design by Pottery Barn

Easter egg hunting wouldn't be complete with a basket to collect all the treasures in. These beauties are from the pages of Martha Stewart.

Shhh, don't tell Baby K - her basket is just like this.

Chick basket by Martha Stewart has both rustic charm and soft chick appeal.

This elegant basket by Martha is my favourite.

Our family has so much to give thanks for - and an unwavering love for each other. 
That is a blessing every day. 

Wishing you and those that you love a Joyous Easter.

Our Parish - St. Andrew's Church - Oakville, Ontario

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