Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Outdoor living

I was browsing through the latest edition of Traditional Home magazine and came across an advertisement that caught my attention. The title of the ad was 'Let it Rain'.......a little bragging on behalf of Lane Venture. This gorgeous sofa is built to withstand the outdoor elements.

Is this not a beautiful sofa for a garden or lanai..................

So I popped on to their web site and discovered the extensive {clearly an understatement} outdoor furniture collections. This particular sofa, which is now added to my outdoor living space dream list...... is from the WM Outdoor Upholstery Collection. The 'WM' I discovered stands for WeatherMaster. I lost count on how many fabric choices there are, but it was over 150 teasers in solids and patterns to make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Great place to snooze and read a book. WM outdoor lounger would look fabulous in any one of the solid shades or print patterns.

A traditional style chair & ottoman would compliment the WM sofa above.

I like the unique style and detail on this love seat.

And then I discovered that these beauties are sold at Hauser in Ontario, only a 15 minute drive from our house. Check the website for locations in the United States and Canada - www.laneventure.com

The stylish Spinnaker Sofa - a variety of chairs styles to match are also available.

What a great conversation area to have for outdoor entertaining.

This chair is a great addition to any one of the soft WM Upholstered sofa's.

Add solar lamps to the patio and you have created a complete outdoor living space.

free-light solar lamp - see the full selection here

Although all of these pieces can stand up to the weather test, I say
'bring on the sunshine'.


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  2. i meant to ask if there was a web link for the furniture and accidently deleted my own comment! Duh!

    1. Mrs A - the link to Lane Venture is: www.laneventure.com
      and the link to free-light is www.freelight.ca

  3. After the weather yesterday, I am certainly with you on the 'bring on the sunshine' comment!
    Beautiful furniture! My racketly old collection could certainly do with some sprucing up!

  4. Thanks for the comments! Love your blog and the first picture on this post and the fabric choices! Gorgeous!