Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beauty in the glass

image:john rawlings

I was looking at a box of photographs the other day, which proved to be even more addictive than blogging. I dug out pictures of myself holding my new baby daughter {who is now 28} when she was only a few days old. I showed my Daughter the pictures and she noted that I was wearing makeup while in the hospital. And is it any wonder that 'my baby' is now a make-up artist.

At the time makeup was just a part of my morning routine, the habit now continues and seems more 'necessary'. Hmmm, yes - the creeping up of dark spots and dark circles as we age. And yet now I wear translucent foundation and mineral based powder....... so maybe it isn't that bad after all.
I have worn moisturizer and foundation for years. Truthfully I think it is the thing that has helped keep my skin more protected {critics are inserting their thoughts now}. I wear a combination of several products for both skin and makeup, as a I find that no one line provides me with everything.

My cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer is by NeoStrata - a good recommendation from a dermatologist. I was just introduced to Prevage and have started using the moisturizer and night cream, and I'm loving this product and looking forward to trying the spot cream and eye cream by Prevage. My foundation, concealer and powder are Estee Lauder, while I rely on MAC for colour {lips, cheeks, eyes}.

I switched to a very inexpensive mascara about a year ago when I was having problems with some of my lashes drying and coming out. My Daughter recommended Rimmel mascara (with collagen) which has built my lashes full and long almost immediately. The incredible bonus is that this mascara is only about $10, a big difference from the DIOR and Estee that I previously used.
My Daughter is always giving me products to try and recently introduced me to Argan Oil which I find great for the aging neck area.

Nothing Glamourous going on at my dressing table, simple products that work for me.

john rawlings - vogue '47 - conde nast
The image above caught my attention because it is so me.  The makeup brushes and products are all lined up in a little row {so me} and the model is wearing her best jewelery while only in her corset. Trust me, life is not this glam, but it's these silly little things that I do like wear a pretty robe when I'm applying my makeup that let me tip into the Glamour beauty trunk.

I come from a generation that did and still does sit out in the sun. We think we are protected if we are wearing the right spf product. I don't believe that for one minute  ...... and yet I still sit at the beach while on vacation.
As we age the real signs of our neglect to every part of our body begins to show. New routines and products are introduced to help us combat the tired 'flat' look we tend to carry as we age.

ann sheridan

We all want to live longer, but we still want to look youthful and fresh. We get our  anti-aging fix via a miracle cream, botox, fillers or surgery. But a big part of beauty is wrapped in how you live, how you care for yourself.
The fuel you give your body shows through from the inside out. The fuel of foods that are good for you and the fuel of healthy emotions will bring on the glow you are looking for.
Do you wear your stress or do you burn it off with exercise and meditation?  Do you take time to breath deep and dig into your spirituality every day ? .....most of us don't. And yet is taking control of these simple things in our life, the things that no one else can see or help us with, that matter the very most.

carol landis

I recently put a quote on our kitchen blackboard that reads:
"I've decided to be HAPPY, because it's better for my health".

Decide to like yourself enough each day to take care of yourself. The beauty in the glass is the reflection of your happiness and the dedication you give to yourself to be healthier.

Glamour does begin at home - it begins within you.

nina leen


  1. I'm kind of (okay, really) obsessed with looking at my reflection.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Awesome post Katherine! I definitely believe how we live shows in our look and how we carry ourselves. I have always been a little vain, so at first aging was a little difficult. But when I see an elderly woman who has taken care of herself and a life well lived shows on her face,I think aging will be a great adventure.
    sending hugs...

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I have to say that after reading this post I'm in LOVE with your blog! I'm so happy you visited so I was able to find it. You sound so positive and inspiring just like I try to be! Can't wait to follow and read more!!

  4. Omg I just saw I'm on your blog roll! What an honor!! I'm adding you to mine as well!

  5. Fabulous images! Have a wonderful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  6. Absolutely love the gown in the last image.