Thursday, June 2, 2011

Touch Me

I drove two hours north of the city to visit my friend for her birthday. The traffic was backed up and the drive spanned into a three hour journey one way and then a two hour ride back. I actually like having time alone in the car for a stretch; it gives me the chance to think about things and listen to my iPod.

I have several play lists and on one of them is a great song from 1968 by The Doors,  called 'Touch Me'. The reason the song is on my play list is because it really does 'touch me'. When Richard and I first started dating, I picked up a voice mail message on my phone one day. Richard didn't say a word, but what I heard was The Doors singing ......

"Now I'm going to love you,

 Till the heavens stops the rain

I'm going to love you

Until the stars fall from the sky for you and I"

Richard timed it perfectly so that just the chorus played on the message.
I saved the message for weeks and listened to it over and over.  It tugged at my heart every single time.

When I was driving home from my friends birthday and the song came on, I hit repeat several times.
I know that it's not just that the words are reflective of our love, but how lucky I am to have such a romantic man tugging at my heart each and every day.

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