Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Dressed UP

I'm not shy to admit that I am a girlie girl. I love pretty things, bling and romantic style...... crystal chandeliers make me smile.

Even as a young girl I had a dressing table. I shared a room with my Sister for many years and then when we each got our own room I tested my decor flair out for the first time. The room was pale yellow with flower wallpaper, white sheer drapes, and a ruffled bedspread (yesh, just using the word 'bedspread' shows my age).

I love girlie glam spaces

I love having my girlie space to store my jewellery and put on my makeup. And when my Daughter was a little girl I bought her a kidney shaped dressing table and sewed the table cover, upholstered the chair and made balloon drapes all to match. It was the trend at the time to have it all match, now I would use five different patterns that speak to one another.

I had also bought a half moon dressing table and made a cover for it for my room. The kidney shaped table later was transformed for my bedroom and I made a new cover in white sheer ruffles. Both tables are currently tucked away in storage waiting like us for our new home. The styles are classic and will always work so they are worth storing away.

On the wish list of things that are a must for the 'house-to-be' that Richard and I are currently searching for; is a dressing room. Not a big'ol walk-in closet, a room to properly store clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellery. A soft and bright place with great mirrors to get dressed in. Here is a bit of inspiration that has helped the wish list along.

The white cabinets and furniture is highlighted even further by the custom cupboards and elegant detailed trim and mirrors. The refinished wood floors bring out the beauty of the room. It is so glamourous.

I love the Barbara Barry dressing table, it is timeless styling.

Traditional Home
Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria has combined elements of open and closed cabinets in her dressing room. Clothes tucked away behind doors are protected from fiber and dust, but open clothes racks help remind us of all the pretty things we have to wear.

Any small room can be transformed into a dressing room with built-in cabinets or stand alone wardrobe units. I love the mirrors on the ones shown above (Paul Schulman Design).


Then again..... you may be fortunate enough to have built-ins with the charm of these unique old doors. Finish it all of in style with an ornate full length mirror that has a few degrees of character.

via oliveaux

A well organized and pretty dressing room will make you feel Glamourous every day.

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