Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Always On My Mind

When your partner says 'I'm going on business trip for a few days', do you think of all the things you'll do while they are away? Somehow in my mind I line up a months worth of things to do while Richard goes off to a conference.............. for four days. This is one of those weeks that I'm carrying around in my head my own honey-do list.

One of our airlines went into a strike situation last night, and of course it's the airline Richard is booked on for today. They recommend that travellers expect delays and take carry-on luggage instead of checked baggage. Last night began the task of packing for the trip, something I really like doing for him.
OK, I'm crazy. But it is all about my own self satisfaction and makes me feel more assured that he is being taken care of while away from home.

Despite taking two suitcases for a three week journey to Greece, I really am an efficient packer. And when space is at a premium, I can make it work. I explained to Richard last night that rolling the clothes makes more room and helps keep the wrinkles out, same with packing his shirts in the plastic from the dry cleaners. So all the while I'm making sure that the socks are stuffed into little spaces and the clothes are snuggled around each other; he says the same thing to me that he tells me every time I pack for him, "no one ever did this for me before".
And my heart explodes .............. and it's another reason why I want to do this little thing for him.

As he walked out the door this morning with the carry-on luggage wheeling behind him like an efficient flight attendant, Richard turned back and said, 'I'd never be able to get everything in this small luggage'.

Ha! Well, your going to have to for the return flight home my love. I envision him getting off the plane at the end of the week wearing layers of clothing because he couldn't get everything back into the small luggage.

As I sit and write this posting, his cologne lingers around me more than it does most mornings after we've shared our have a great day hug. The place is all mine for a few days. Visions of painting until the wee hours of the morning and refinishing a piece of furniture dance around in my head.
And for Richard, housekeeping won't care if the towels are not hung with perfection after he dries his hands. He will appreciate the room to himself for a few days.

Time away from one another is good for the soul and makes you appreciate the time together.

Gosh! I hope he likes the bedroom painted fuschia ................. just kidding.

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