Thursday, June 30, 2011

Montreal Jazz Festival

On top of being beautiful and one of the most romantic city's to explore, Montreal generously embraces 'the arts'. On our recent weekend visit to the Montreal Jazz festival we explored the Old Port which is laden with art galleries. And the city itself, especially in Old Montreal, seems poetically beautiful and artistic all on its own.

I discovered online a boutique hotel right in the center of the old port area that was most definitely our style. The Auberge du vieux-port offered everything that Richard and I love; most especially the ambiance that only old world can charm you with.

Our room at Auberge du vieux-port :: Montreal

The hotel can not help but be romantic with the rooms that boast of finishes lovingly preserved. The picture above is from the web site and was what had caught my eye when I was searching for a different hotel to stay in.

Lucky us, the room in the web picture was available.
rooms feature original stone walls, beamed ceilings and long casement windows
The hotel staff are so friendly, warm and accommodating. It was a very welcoming stay.
Richard surprised me with a bouquet of white hydrangea's in the room for our arrival. My blog features an image of a bouquet of the same flowers that he had put in our room during our very first visit to Montreal.

We originally booked the weekend away to take in the Diana Krall concert, and were pleasantly surprised at the size of the jazz festival. There were a bevy of stages set up over several city blocks and the talent ranged from High School Music ensembles (Massey Vanier 5, who were great) to the big ticket names like Ms. Krall.

We wandered the cobbled streets of Old Montreal enjoying the art, the street performers, and great restaurants. The live talent in local restaurants and piano bars  seemed like they too could share the bigger stages at festival.

But by far, it was the ambiance of this pretty place in our Canada, that thrilled us. Here are some of the sites of Montreal..........


Notre Dame de Montreal
You could not take images inside Notre Dame (understandably), and a photograph could never do the Basilica justice. It is so ornate and lovely. 

courtyard outside of Notre Dame Basilica

Christ Church Cathedral

Cobblestone streets are all over and it reminds me of Paris when I'm walking across the stones. I love wearing heels and wouldn't let little cobbles stop me from stepping out in style.  And there was Richard, always holding my hand as we  journeyed around town with me in stiletto's taking baby steps over the stones.

Just like everything in life ..... sometimes you need a helping hand, someone to lean on. When the road is rocky and unsettled it's a wonderful feeling to know that with love beside you, it actually is a walk in the park.


  1. This must have been so much fun!!! What a gorgeous place to stay while taking in the city and festival. I think your husband was such a sweetheart to have the hydrangeas in the room. What a guy!!!
    I loved all of your beautiful pictures of your sta.

    I also wanted to tell you that your sister is beautiful, just like you!
    hugs from here...

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