Thursday, June 9, 2011

At the market

We stopped by the Aberfoyle Antique market a few weeks ago on our way to visit family. It was the third weekend of the season and the weather had not been cooperating with the outdoor retail marketplace. Vendors were frustrated and the availability of items was more limited........ but we still managed to lighten the wallet.

We spotted these great dance hall wooden folding chairs, some of them were varnished and some thankfully had been left to breath. The vendor told us that they used the chairs for the movie 'Dirty Dancing'. mmmmm - maybe, or not. But just the thought of Patrick Swayze parked on one of them peaked my interest.

Richard decided that we could use ALL of the chairs. We currently do not have the room to use the chairs or store anything, we are in a stop-over home looking for 'the place'. But ......... he bought them...... all 16 for under $300.


We plan to use the chairs for our large family get gatherings .... a'la Christmas for 48 people. But the chairs will probably find their way out to a patio.... and I have a plan.

My dream plan patio includes reclaimed cobble base,  several wrought iron leg bases tables with rustic wood tops. I think having several square tables all similar will allow me to move the tables around and group them together when needed. The chairs we bought suit the plan well and can withstand being left out in lighter weather.

Melenos-Lindos Luxury Resort

I fell in love with the outdoor dining area at Melenos-Lindos luxury hotel in Greece (who wouldn't). And the simplicity of the elements could be replicated. It had great cobble stone foundation, a lush array of vines, flowering hedges and a full tree right in the middle of it all. Add an open lattice canopy to allow the vines to spread and to hang strings of lights across.

The idea of bench seating has always been appealing to me especially when it is combined with chairs. Multiple tables, chairs and benches would allow us to create one long communal table or vignettes throughout the space. Add an abundance of pillows in a variety of fabrics that speak to one another in pattern or colour.

Vintage linen table covers would anchor the ambiance on the tables. I love silver cutlery and vintage silver items, and have thought recently that it might be time to start a collection of a variety of patterns. Setting a table with mixed vintage plates, crystal and silverware creates a charming ambiance that is different every time you put the table together. The thought deserves another trip back to Aberfoyle market.

While in Lindos we dined under an outdoor canopy complete with several chandeliers made of these incredible glass globes. The resort had the chandeliers both inside the hotel dining room and outside under the canopy, it was so beautiful when lit up at night. A collection of globes or vintage chandeliers would create a romantic glow to any patio at night.

The piece de resistance is the gathering of friends and family, sitting on the chairs around the dinner tables. That is what makes the lights twinkle and the evening sparkle. Something magical happens when the people you love are all gathered together sharing.... laughing..... enjoying.

Outdoor dining doesn't get more Glamourous than this!

*images: 1, 2, 5 from my portfolio/ 3 - unknown/4 - refoundobjects/6 - elizabeth messina

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