Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today our baby Granddaughter turns ONE! 

Wait, stop the clock, how did that happen so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday that our darling Angel arrived.

I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with both of my children. My own baby, my Daughter, was going to become a Mommy and I wanted to be there for every step along the way. My Daughter made me promise to be in the delivery room no matter what, as if wild horses could have kept me away.
Richard and I got the call around 4 AM; 'Mom, I'm in labour'.
My heart was racing as we went to my Daughter. I was excited for her. I was excited for us. Life was about to happen. Life was about to change.

Sharing this experience with my Daughter was the ultimate gift for me. I can continue to play back in my mind the moment my Granddaughter was born, all of her dark hair, her little pout (like Mommy's), her pretty little face. And I will never forget the look of love on my Daughter's face the moment she first saw her baby. It was a beautiful gift to share the experience of the baby's birth together.
I cried my heart out, I was so filled with joy. My Son arrived, and he is so much like me.... filled with tears of relief for his Sister and joy for the birth of his niece. Richard, was suddenly immersed in the role of 'Grandpa'; and Kya couldn't have picked a better man to fit the part.

It has been the most incredible year for all of us. It is a joy having a baby around.
We have learned to calm down, slow down, enjoy the simple things that having a baby around can bring to your life. 

She has turned our hearts inside out with her vivacious dimple smile. I know that every parent believes their child is 'the cutest', but we get stopped all the time when we are out with Baby K, she is a little beacon of light.

My Daughter is an incredible Mother and the evidence is in the happiest little disposition anyone would ever see on a baby.

We are enjoying spoiling our Granddaughter as much as we enjoy bragging about how sweet and darling she is. The truth is that Baby Kya is spoiling all of us with the love she brings out in everyone.
We hosted a big birthday party this past weekend with extended family and friends, and the birthday girl had  some advance opportunity to try her little hands at the cake.

It's been a wonderful year watching Baby Kya grow. And I know my Daughter will be sad today that her little girl is one already; but she is smart enough to know that she is blessed to have a healthy and happy child.

Happy Birthday Kya. You are loved.

We are blessed.

with LoVe from Grandma & Grandpa

** watch for the upcoming posting on Kya's big birthday party.


  1. Best Party Ever Baby K Love Aunt Cyndi

  2. Auntie Cyndi, Monique and I couldn't think of anyone else who would have made the delivery room experience as loving as you did. I know the three of us will cherish that day forever.