Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge :: Stylish Newlyweds

William and Catherine have returned from a 'memorable' honeymoon in Seychelles at the luxurious North Island hotel. Just like their fairytale wedding, the aspect of entertaining as newlyweds is somewhat surreal. It's not every couple who has two billion people watching their wedding, and so it seems somewhat natural that the first guests they would entertain at home would be a couple of significant importance - the President and First Lady of the United States.

Michelle Obama is known for her distinct fashion style that drifts between a girlie full-skirted look to long and lean straight skirts topped with fitted cardigans. Mrs. O isn't afraid to wear colour and on her recent trip to the Palace she broke protocol (again) when she distinctly ditched the matching dress and coat fashion that has bored us to tears.
Kate (yes, we will all lovingly continue to call her Kate as well as Catherine) put her best fashion foot forward wearing a camel Reiss bandage dress called the 'Shola'. The dress sold out within minutes after the first images of the Duchess wearing it were released, proof that beige need not be boring.

Slim, toned and elegantly stylish Kate looked relaxed and regal during the brief meeting with the Obama's. Kate continually showcases her glamourous taste and illuminates her innate ability to dress casually or elegantly without appearing processed by a stylist.
Thanks to the Duchess and her famous Sister Pippa, the self tanning bronzer product industry has enjoyed a 219% surge in sales. These ladies know that a little glow is fashionable and healthier when it is dispensed from a bottle.

The Duke, who has proven that even in fatigues he looks handsome, also manages to look comfortably sophisticated when he is dressed for regal occasions. The most prominent thing that William wears is the look of love in his eyes for his new bride. William's body language with Kate speaks volumes, it is evident that he wears an armour of protection around her.

The stylish newlyweds evoke a modern vision on 'the Royals'; is it any wonder that we all fell in love with them on April 29th.

Simplicity, Elegance, Modern Regal Style, and GLAMOUR........... all the things you would hope for with this young Royal couple.

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