Thursday, May 5, 2011

Designing Glamour

Edith Head notoriously changed the landscape of fashion and left a lasting mark on the industry. With eight Oscar awards for costume design, Edith was well ahead of the curve with her eye for detail and attention to the silver screen productions.
Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Kim Novak and Cary Grant were among a few of the Hollywood legends that Edith dressed.

And although it has been since 1981 that the fashion industry and world lost the lady, and the enormous talent, Edith Head's fashions remain as iconic as she does.

Kim Novak

It was more than simply creating the newest fashion for Edith; design brought the opportunity to guide and develop a persons style.

Edith Head

In the artful pages of The Dress Doctor, Fashion illustrator Bil Donovan brought to life the designs that Edith Head had been famous for. The bright ink and watercolour illustrations encapsulate the body of work that showcases Edith talent.

 "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."
                                                                                Edith Head

In a unique style of her own, Edith's signature was a classic chignon hairstyle with flattened bangs. The round black rimmed glasses Edith wore were originally set with blue lenses, but were later switched to dark grey lenses. It was noted that the dark glasses were to allow Edith to view the garments in black and white.
Suits and serious dressing were Edith's personal style; but when it came to dressing leading ladies both on and off screen, she presented them with an elegance and femininity. Her own consistent personal style gave Edith an unchanged look for many years and made it difficult to pinpoint her true age.

Creations by Edith Head

from the book Dress Doctor

Grace Kelly in Rear Window
Audrey Hepburn :: Edith Head
Elizabeth Taylor :: A Place in the Sun

Edith Head provided Iconic worthy gowns ensuring that Glamour was reborn. 

Elegant and stylish fashions by Edith Head set the tone for the defined label.
Be your Glamourous self.

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