Monday, September 7, 2015

Say goodbye to summer

I will hang on to the last days of summer and hope that the sunshine and hot days continue throughout September. The school buses hit the road tomorrow as students head back to class; but our little bunny has come down with the flu and will miss the first day(s) back. 

I have a folder full of pictures of Kya playing and having fun throughout the summer. Simple things like running through the sprinkler on the back lawn, riding the ferris wheel for the first time, trying her hand at driving bumper cars and pictures of every flavour of ice cream being enjoyed. Tucked in our pocket are wonderful memories of a great summer. 
It's simply priceless.

We took a last excursion before school starts and explored Niagara Falls. The beauty of the Canadian Falls and the gardens surrounding the natural wonder were fun for my granddaughter, but playing games at the arcade gallery was the real excitement in her books.  

Goodbye summer. Welcome to a new school year filled with fun.

At the gardens - Niagara Falls.

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