Friday, September 11, 2015

Dream Closet - A Place of Her Own

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I am a firm believer that every woman's Dream Closet should begin with her dressing table. Women who have 'dream closets' are most definitely ladies who sit down to put makeup on each day. The style of the dressing table is the footprint for the dream closet.  

A dressing table has been a part of my room since I was thirteen. It's a cozy spot that lets me pull myself together to start the day and then prepare for rest at night. For many years I had a white skirted table like the one above but now have my dressing table  built-in to our dressing room/closet.

My recent post Dream Closet - Hisness (HERE), brought together design choices for the gentlemen. After admiring the bones of Nate Berkus' New York apartment, I spent a bit of time (ok, I lot) clicking through the real estate listings on Compass. The romantic style of pre-war buildings gets my imagination going; I can't help but wonder what sophisticated and elegant women walked through the lobby doors over the years. Jackie and Audrey perhaps.

Lets explore the choices for my client and put together her dream closet for a Greenwich Village condo.The flow between principal bedroom and ensuite bath establishes the style for the dream closet/dressing room. Soft neutrals, varying shades of white and cream highlighted with muted gold tones create a tranquil sleeping oasis for 'her'. The image below is an accurate rendition of her existing bedroom space.

'Her' bedroom is tranquil and elegant like the lady.

This sophisticated and elegant lady likes her bedroom to have a tranquil and light feel. Layered fabrics, gold accents and a bit of sparkle brought in with crystal chandeliers, cut glass and silver accents are preferred over trendy glitz. My client started her wish list with a few things to avoid when designing her Dream Closet.
Most importantly she does not want her personal things displayed as if the space was a showroom. Subtle elegance will set the stage for her generous dream closet. One of the bedroom's has been converted to give additional space to the ensuite and provide a luxurious footprint for the dressing room.

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The client has carried the hardwood floors throughout her apartment and softens the space with neutral area rugs, we will continue with this classic look. Walls and closet components will be in soft white with brushed gold hardware; it adds an element of sophistication without the bling factor (a big don't for her). Notice the depth of the drawers in the image above; this is important to help keep the contents inside controlled. More drawers with less depth = better organization. She uses the KonMari method of organization at home and when packing for travel.

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The shallow depth drawers in the top layers feature locks to secure jewellery. The drawers will be outfitted with inserts to keep precious pieces organized. We will make use of the full length closet doors in several area's customizing them with mirrors.

making the best of a corner

We will adopt an almost identical plan to the one above that will make use of one of the corners of the room. Thankfully there are two windows in the room that provide natural light, fresh air and an incredible view. Drawer space will be built under the sills and the shelving will frame the windows.
The roll-out shelves and hidden scarf rack will accommodate my clients passion for Pashmina scarves. Two small crystal chandeliers will bring a feminine appeal to the room, pot lighting on dimmers will be spotted in strategic places.

Dressing table island and glass doors for handbag display.

The room is generous in size, so a dressing table island similar to the one above will add more storage and a place to view outfits. The ceilings are high and additional storage above the racks or triple racks with pull down poles will work well. The client wears designer labels and has a wonderful collection of handbags, but she does not like closets that are display rooms. So we will have one predominant shelf section with clear glass doors (see image above on the right) to keep her vintage handbags on view and protected.


Everyday and less precious jewellery will be in easy access drawers with built-in dividers. It make look appealing to have shoes, handbags and jewellery on display in a dressing room; but all of these pieces should be put in protective spaces. Dust, sunlight and air can diminish valuable pieces.

A folding antique mirror similar to the one above, is a prized possession of the client. It will be strategically placed in the space to give a full view of all her fashionable looks. With a statement piece like this, it allows us to position the mirror to play back from the smaller full length mirrors on the corner closets. 

High on her Dream Closet list.
The image above really captured my clients dream. Windows in the room are high like the ones pictured here, so we will mimic the drapery and valance. The round tufted over-sized ottoman has always been on her wish list. A custom upholstered piece with a bit more height will be created for the space; it's the perfect spot to sit while dressing.

And for the pièce de résistance - the dressing table. 

My client's dream closet wish list includes a lavish dressing table. She has always had a special spot to house her obsession to perfume, fine skin care products and an abundant amount of makeup. Feminine skirted tables have been a part of her dressing table past, but for this room she has opted for a built-in. The table itself will feature a glass top to protect the surface; the side walls and back wall will have mirror insets to capture every angle. A stand-alone movable mirror will sit on the tabletop. Drawers will flank each side of the dressing table area and be equipped with custom crafted dividers to house all of her beauty needs.

A collection of antique silver and crystal pieces adds charm.

This is one area where the client wants things on display. Her collection of antique silver and crystal dressing tableware's will be displayed on silver trays and directly on the white table top. Ambient lighting on dimmers give the tabletop a romantic glow and provide lighting for makeup applications. Fresh flowers in every room - this is actually a Pinterest board of mine (HERE), but it is also somewhat of a motto of my client. My clients collection of unique floral vessels will add to the charm and make the simplest of blooms seem special.

Special requests and treatments that we will include:
  • in-drywall hidden speakers. Ambient music via a wall docked ipod will enhance the spaces (bedroom, bath and dream closet) via in-drywall speakers that can be heard but not seen.
  • no TV 
  • a hidden safe for valuables
  • handbag cubbies behind glass. Limiting the handbags to a smaller space will keep them upright, the glass will keep them protected.
  • hidden laundry built in to cabinets
  • valet bars throughout the space
  • space for shoes under long garment hanging spaces AND a section of shelves for shoes that has clear glass doors
  • a folding luggage rack to assist with packing for all of her journeys
  • no bar fridge, coffee maker or beverage cart 
  • a vintage silver champagne bucket to sit on the dressing island .... for flowers of course.

Her Dream Closet includes luxurious and feminine detailing, combined with an organized space created for a professional woman's needs.


  1. so feminine...makes me want to linger

    1. Every girl deserves a special quiet spot just for her.

  2. Oh, such dream closets…wishing for such a beautiful and organized space…happy Wednesday!

    1. A woman's dream closet has become the necessary and elegant version of the 'man cave' (sorry, such a dreaded term).