Thursday, September 17, 2015


Call it what you prefer. 
I prefer 'Autumn' over the term 'Fall'. 
Maybe it's the idea that fall.... falling, seems like we are tumbling.

We have one tree on our property that drops her leaves early each year. Like a concerned mother I am watching to see if all is OK, or if she is sick. The sight of leaves beginning to turn and fall in August was creating a need for me to stand in the yard a bit more than I normally would.

My granddaughter helped me dress up a red leaf wreath for our front door. She discovered small birds on my potting bench and decided they would be the perfect accompaniment. 
And so, the summer wreath was put away and the Autumn decorating begins.

The cool wet weather from last week eased off and we are now experiencing an Indian Summer. Hot, hazy, smoky. The wasps who hid for a week are now flying with a furious need. I did my best to explain to Kya what Indian Summer is, while she explained to me that the wasps flying wildly is part of nature.  
How did she get so smart.

I will admit this is not my favourite season. It is upsetting to put the garden to bed and think about the blanket of snow that will cover my flower gardens for months. But I have to agree that the colour of the leaves is a work of art and that is why I love to rake leaves.

So what about you?

What is your favourite season and why?

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  1. I love them all and am happy to live in NC where we truly get to experience all four the crisp cool days of fall…happy fall to you, Katherine!!