Sunday, December 29, 2013


In a few days the clock will tick over past midnight and a New Year will be welcomed in.  With a fresh New Year before us it offers the opportunity to put to rest a year that may have played out less than kind, to give thanks for the year that blessed your doorstep, or to give hope to the next 365 days before us.

When you raise a glass of champers, what is mixed in with the celebration?
Is it a promise to yourself?
Do you begin a resolution?

Statistics show that 45% of people make a resolution, but only 8% achieve their goals. For most of us the proclamations are too far out of reach to fulfill. 

Setting realistic intentions that you know are achievable will ensure that self-made promises last past Valentine's Day. 

Experts suggest that we:
1)  share goals with friends and family so they can help cheer you on
2)  substitute good behaviour for those that you want to shed 
3)  record your progress and changes
4)  celebrate the small successes along the way

Do you set a New Year's Resolution?
What is your goal for 2104?

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  1. I agree Katharine, the best is yet to come!! I feel 2014 is full of promise, and I am eager to settle into my new and very different surroundings...I am full of inspiration and hope. I am wishing you all the very best with Cardinal House and the happiness and comfort you will find there...N.xo