Thursday, December 12, 2013

The calendar is chasing me.

I have to admit there are many times that I take pictures of events we go to or of things we are doing, all with the intention to write about it on the blog. The pictures never make it to the page. Right now I feel as if the calendar is chasing me. It might not be so hard to accept if it was March and spring was racing towards us, but it's Christmas that is coming way too quickly.

Kya's Santa stop sign at the parade.

I which there were pictures of pretty Christmas decorations at our house to show you, but the truth is that I've been too busy to decorate. It hasn't all been work, there have been some fun events together that have gone to recently - the Santa parade...... the Lowe's Christmas Market. My Granddaughter has been excitedly making little ornaments and singing her heart out with all of the popular Christmas songs.

Santa did come to town at the Oakville parade.

We have a week of dance rehearsals, ballet recitals, and Christmas concerts at pre-school. Did I mention our Granddaughter is only 3 and a half?!

A few weeks ago I took Kya to the Lowe's Christmas Market at the Distillery District in Toronto. If you are in the Toronto area the market is on until this Sunday.
The Distillery District is the perfect place to hold the market. The buildings are all original old stone and brick buildings set in the cobble roads. The art galleries and shops reflect the era of the original buildings.

The Lowe's market was well planned ensuring that vendors fit in with the Distillery District. When we wandered through the streets I felt somewhat out of place and imagined it would be more comfortable strolling in long layered skirts and a winter bonnet.

The restored buildings in the Distillery District are incredible.

Lowe's lined the pathways with a generous amount of winter greenery. The wood burning fire pits are surrounded by casual outdoor seating area's - the perfect spot to enjoy a bevy.

Kya rode the carousel, visited Santa at his outdoor house and wandered with me beneath the string of white holiday lights. We had great fun!
If you are in the Toronto area this weekend stop by the Distillery District and step back in time at the Lowe's Christmas Market.


  1. What a wonderful place to take your granddaughter. Enjoy your time with her...the decorations will come in time...

  2. nice decoration for Christmas ,like it.Love the giveaway! So sweet of you.