Monday, December 23, 2013

Simple Gifts

Among all the rushing to get last minute things prepared for Christmas, I love to sit and take in some simple pleasures that make the season special.  

It is the quite moments late at night with the Christmas lights aglow and quietly sitting next to the tree to enjoy the ornaments that have become little treasures over the years.

As much as I have built traditions for my family over the years, I have tucked a few selfish moments aside for myself to enjoy every Christmas. 
Fussing with decorations is one of those personal little gifts.

Not all gifts come in Santa's sleigh. 
Some of the real gifts are in the smell of your favourite cookies baking, taking time to write messages from your heart in the holiday cards, setting the dinner table with festive trimmings. 

As you rush to prepare for Christmas, what pleasurable things do you do just for yourself?

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