Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Still Summer

I cringe at the thought of winter and believe that we have several months of warm weather still ahead of us. I know I can coast through until November with just layers of sweaters and blazers, but my interest in winter fashion was peaked when I flipped through a magazine at the spa the other day.

These bright little beauties are a part of the Joe Fresh winter collection. 
Bless the talents of Joe Mimran .......... and wave the flag, he is Canadian.

Suddenly winter doesn't seem so frightening anymore.
{But I'm still hanging on to summer for awhile.}

Have a GLAMOUROUS weekend.


  1. I love Joe Fresh! Way better than Target and looking forward to it coming to JCPenney.

  2. I also hate that summer's almost over, but Fall fashion is the light ahead!