Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ahhh, Spa

Excellence Spa - Punta Cana

I'm having a much needed spa day today. SIGH!! 

I love going to the spa and especially like having a massage with a sea salt mineral scrub. And a pedicure..... and a facial.......and........

I took these pictures at Excellence Resort spa in Punta Cana when we stayed there last December. We enjoyed the spa several times during our visit and the courtyard is the perfect spot to sit while toe polish dries.

What is your favourite spa treatment?


  1. I love a warm Lavender Salt body scrub. Sort of a massage and skin treatment rolled into one!

  2. Very nice! I need a spa day! I have been holding out for our trip to Africa next week. I like just a regular massage but I am going to get a much needed body scrub next time I go!