Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sun & Fun

Why is it that when you are getting ready to go on vacation you spend an enormous amount of time putting things in order..... just so you can go away? I feel like Richard and I have run at warp speed the past two weeks getting ready for a much needed vacation.  I'm so excited that we will have 'US' time.

vacation toes in Mexico

My laptop will be going with me as there are a few business issues still to be checked on; and the truth is it will give me the opportunity to search the internet and post a few blogs.


I love being away with Richard and having the chance to just .............. ahhh, relax. No traffic, no office, no rushed schedules, no groceries to bring in or meals to cook - just tranquility.

We will have several walks on the beach and take new beach toe pictures to add to our collection. The plan is to write a couple of quick posts with some pretty pictures of the resort in Punta Cana.


  1. Nice shot of the water and sandy toes, have a great time!

  2. Have a lovely vacation. Sounds fun, will you have to buy and wrap for Christmas when you return?

  3. Have fun~a get-away sounds so fabulous right now!