Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fur real

We are heading into cooler temperatures in Ontario and it's time to start thinking about layering up. Last week I was out and noticed a woman around my age (soooo young), she was wearing slim jeans, a cable sweater in a deep tone and a vintage fur stole. The look was stylish and pulled together, the addition of the vintage fur made it very chic.
Now before anyone objects to the idea of fur, remember there are flawless renditions of faux fur. What a fun look it makes.

Vintage fur stoles and coats can be found at many consignments shops and estate sales.

antiques atlas

michelle bablo

This fur stole with braided fringe makes an elegant statement with a dress or suit, and would be so much fun to wear with jean or over a jean jacket.

Although fur was originally worn for the warmth it provided it has developed over the years into a fashion item {with the added benefit of warmth}.

Elizabeth Taylor steps out in style and fur.

Lucy was so excited about her new fur coat, she decided to wear it with her pajamas.

This season Jean Paul Gaultier showcased his collection and the looks were completed with 'fur bundle-buggies' to carry your groceries in style.

One of the biggest accessories this season is the resurgence of 'fur cuffs' that can be worn with boots or shoes.

fur cuffs for the ankle or wrist                  via we heart it

And the most fashionable and loved girl in the world wears her fur coat and hat in a rainbow of colours. Gotta love Barbie.

I think I might hunt down a vintage stole to wear with fun pieces like jeans. And then again, I will likely end up buying clothes for my Granddaughter as I generally do when shopping. Hmmm.......

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