Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The School Bell Rings

School is back in session today, well that is for some of the kids. The very first day of the term and the teachers had a planning day.

A friend of mine mentioned over dinner recently, that she was always very nervous about going back to school. She was a teacher.
I loved going back to school each fall. It was a great fresh start with new notebooks, new pencils, a new classroom, and new teachers.


Going back to school jitters or excitement is not just for the back-pack brigade. My Grandfather looked forward to the school term each year. Grandpa was a school crossing guard when he retired. It gave him the opportunity to commit to a defined schedule each week and he loved the kids.
It was obvious that the children loved my Grandpa too. He came home all of the time with finger painted pictures, and wool link bracelets. 

The children who Grandpa guided across the road gave him gifts from their classroom artwork collections. He would come home with new cards and wonderful drawings with little sayings or poems on them. One of the cards had a note that said ' Andy, you are a dandy' {his name is Andrew}.

When the school bells ring it means so many things to so many people. For my Grandfather it meant that he was happy to see the smiling faces each day at his cross walk. I'm not sure if the children mirrored his happiness or he theirs, but he was truly happy to hear the school bell ring each September.

Drive safely, school is in!


  1. Thanks for sharing this precious memory! It made me smile!
    I saw the little boy next door getting on the school but yesterday and realized that Summer was truly over!
    Now, it's time to decorate for Fall....YAY!
    have an amazing evening

  2. How sweet! Those kids must have loved your Grandpa. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx