Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prince Charming

There has been a flood of images and stories about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this past year. The media follows with much enthusiasm the style of Kate; and images of her latest dress, shoes, and hairstyle fill the pages of glossy magazines on every news stand.

But let's not forget how we came to know Kate in the first place, long before she became the Duchess of Cambridge.  William captured many hearts when he flashed his dimple smile as a little Prince, and now it is Kate's heart that has melted for her Prince Charming.

I thought it was time to feature a handsome man; one who has a killer smile that would make any girl sing, 'Someday My Prince Will Come'. Snow White isn't the only girl batting her eyelashes at this dashing Prince Charming.

The Duke of Cambridge, William

Young, sophisticated, and stylish......................and an active sportsman.

William has worn many uniforms throughout his service career.

William is blessed with his Mother's generous smile. He is at ease with a crowd and warmly welcomes the general public, never shying away from the tough task of small talk.

No - this is not William, it's Paul Newman. When I look at this image,I can picture William in his mature years. I think he will evoke the same easy charm.

Hello Handsome.

If there is one man who could steal some of the glances away from the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, it is her husband William . William is handsome and stately in his presentation, a winning combination. There is one lady who enhances his already generous smile........ his lovely bride, Kate. They both shine when they look at each other.

 Cheers to all the Handsome and Glamourous Men!

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