Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Changing Seasons

We begin a season change and move from the heat of the summer to the comfort of fall. As I read blogs from around the world, I am reminded that for some of my blog friends they are just getting started with a warmer season.

With the promise of an Indian Summer and above seasonal temperatures for September, we will begin to put the patio furniture away in a month. My friends in Australia are just starting to breath in the spring air and get excited about the summer season ahead of them.
So here is a salute to summer .......... in Canada we wave goodbye ............. and in Australia they wave in the season with a warm welcome.

Dining on the patio.... spring, summer or fall.

Sit protected under a lanai.

Dining in a soft tent.

I love dining by the waters edge and enjoying the sound of the waves.

From early spring to fall, the life guards are on duty. GB@H


And then there is PARIS, where it does not matter what the season is..... it is always a pretty night for a stroll.


Enjoy the beauty and GLAMOUR of the seasons.

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