Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Body and Soul

NO REHAB  by John Newell

"We celebrate who Amy was as a person and as a significant musician. This painting is my effort of doing just that. Get lost in it."

"In this painting I've tried to portray the glamour that was Amy's, while at the same time illustrate how overwhelming the attraction of drugs and alcohol must have been for her." 

"None of us can judge Amy, but we can all feel the tragedy whether we knew her or just by knowing of her, whether we enjoyed her music or agreed with her lifestyle. She was undeniably a very warm person who was loved and now missed by her parents, many friends and fans."

John Newell, Artist

A month ago I was emailed copies of some artistic works of John Newell a painter from Toronto, Canada. His bold and eclectic style showcases a variety of subjects and seems to evoke the personal spirit of the subject featured. John's painting titled 'NO REHAB' hauntingly draws you in and highlights the controversy that revolves around this immensely talented young woman.

I connected with John Newell and asked for the opportunity to showcase the painting and his work. This painting, which has been created on masonite, is part of a series John is creating that deals with aspects of women's self esteem {visit back for additional postings featuring John Newell}. This is a snapshot of what inspired John to create this colourful portrayal of Amy Winehouse. 

"We all tend to get wrapped up in our inner worlds and our vulnerability prevents us from reaching out for fear of either being abused or otherwise taken advantage of. Sadly the only way to get past that is to take risks and in doing so, emotional injuries accumulate along the way."

John Newell, Artist

Today, September 14th, is Amy's birthday; she would have turned a young 28 had she not succumbed to the effects of a lifestyle that was too fast, and too overwhelming. Today also marks the release of the single 'Body and Soul' that Amy performed with Tony Bennett. It is a classic love song with the words taking on a new meaning without Bennett or Winehouse knowing it at the time.

The video of Amy and Tony (she lovingly calls him Tone) in the recording studio is heartbreakingly haunting to watch. Their harmonious sound together is an expressive whisper, the words are timeless and evoke forever..........

 For you, I sigh, for you, dear only
Why haven't you seen it, I'm all for you body and soul.
                                                                               Body and Soul lyrics


"It's a spirit that you're either born with or you're not. And Amy as born with that spirit."
                                                     Tony Bennett speaks about Amy Winehouse's talent and singing with her on his upcoming Duets II album.

It has been almost eight weeks that soulful jazz singer Amy Winehouse passed away. Amy's smoky, sultry voice was at times compared to Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Nina Simone. But it was Tony Bennett's observation during their recent duet recording to song great Dinah Washington, that caused Amy to draw on her natural talent as a jazz singer and pour her heart into one last vocal gift.

The often troubled singer wrote gritty songs about her addictions and her endeavors to beat them. It was the Grammy Award winning song 'REHAB' that described a troubled life of addiction with a desire to please herself and others; yet simultaneously it was 'Rehab' that brought multiple accolades to the singer/songwriter.
Amy's heart guides her voice as she oozes out the melodies of our favourite Winehouse tunes, and 'Body and Soul' just may be added to the list of favs.

Amy's Father, Mitch Winehouse, announced that some of the proceeds from sales of the new single will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The foundation will assist a number of charities connected with children and young people. 'We want to make a positive difference and help a range of causes close to Amy's heart;' said Mitch.
In a twist of sick irony, the .com for the foundation's title name was captured purposely by a person who now hopes to cash in on the opportunity to sell the web name to the foundation.

"We had a beautiful time recording together in the studio, and I knew that Amy was very happy with how she performed that day," said Bennett. 
I thought she was absolutely brilliant, and this recording truly captures the essence of her unique artistry."

                                                             Tony Bennett speaks about Amy Winehouse recording for his Duets II album.

My life a wreck you're making
You know I'm yours for just the taking
I'd gladly surrender myself to you

Body and Soul
                                                                                 Body and Soul lyrics

Artist John Newell can be contacted at : jondy@sympatico.ca
'NO REHAB' is the sole property of John Newell and cannot be copied without his written permission. 


  1. great post Mum.
    it's refreshing to see someone write something nice about her for a change.

    Mr. Newell, love that painting. What an incredible job you did.

  2. Amy's death was tragic, and I hope her family is healing. I often think of how difficult it would be as a parent to lose a child young. It was sobering to see John Newell's painting.

    Wishing you a great weekend Kathrine!