Monday, August 15, 2011

A Walk Around Town

.............. another walk around our town. 

This is our town...... and we love it! Every day I discover something new and as the seasons change, so does the beauty of our neighbourhood. 

If you recognize your home or garden here, it was chosen because it adds an element of charm to our pretty town. 

Historical Home on Lakeshore Drive, Oakville

I love this enclosed porch with windows.

This is a great bungalow grown UP. Love the front lanai.

Historical houses have a plaque announcing the first owner.

We love the front porch of this old brick home. The owner has set a clean modern tone by removing the railings and adding a wall of ivy vine hanging down the side to create a privacy wall.

I love reclaimed brick for walkways and steps.... and patio's.

I took a picture of this historical house a few months ago. It overlooks the lake directly and has large property. The house has new owners since then.........

The house is Historical and cannot be torn down, but it can be reworked within our Historical Society and Town guidelines. It is currently a shell with much updating and renovating going on. Updates to follow.

This is my favourite house. Sigh!

This 1940 colonial style house went is located right across the street from our church, under a canopy of beautiful tree's, and two doors from the lake. Last year the house went up for sale, the 97 year old owner had passed on and her children started the process to sell. 
I went to view the house, took one step in the front foyer and fell in love. The house speaks ...... of the love and the family and the experiences over the years there. I discovered that the owners name was Katherine, so is it any wonder that I could see in my mind our Granddaughter running across the lawn. We did not buy this beauty. 
I pass by now and see that the new owners are restoring to the glory of the Era; after all this girl was Canadian House of the Year in 1942. 

This is our town : a community with spirit, character and respect for tradition.
It's a GLAMOUROUS place.

The walk around Oakville continues......... 

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