Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Black Dress

There is one item that every woman's wardrobe MUST have......... a Little Black Dress (LBD). The wonderful thing about the LBD is that it works for every occasion and looks great on women of any age.

There is a simple rule with owning a Little Black Dress :: one is never enough! 

The Black Dress will take you anywhere -  a job interview, a party, a business meeting, a wedding or a funeral, a dinner date with your sweetie. If the style is classic and simple you will be able to wear your little black dress to all of the above occasions with simple adjustments. The classic sheath style dress is a perfect style for almost every figure type (not all..... there really isn't a one-size-fits-all wearable item).

Jackie looking elegant in her LBD... out walking with her dog.

The sleeveless, simple round neckline style dress looks elegant on its own and takes on many faces when teamed up with a bevy of accessories. Add a fitted cardigan, or a string or two of pearls, or a large elegant belt at the wait ..... or a skinny belt in a striking colour. Wear the sheath with a blazer, or a great scarf, or a belt, or a shear blouse over top.

Jackie Kennedy always demure wears a class black dress with pearls.

Coco Chanel started the trend of the LDB.

classic black lace dress with 3/4 sleeves

I remember one of the first LBD's I owned, I was probably around 18. The dress had black sheer fabric at the yoke area; I wore it many places including a funeral when I topped the dress with a blazer. What a great start to the collection.

Audrey set the bar high with her striking dresses in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I own (still) a classic tank style black dress that has a lycra lining with flat round beads all over it. I bought the dress to wear for an awards ceremony that I was attending. I knew that I was 'runner-up' in the Top Sales category at the conference, and decided to wear a dress with a bit of sass to take the sting out of being second place. I bought a small seed bead bolero style jacket to wear with the dress.
Both pieces are still packed away in my wardrobe, they are classics I don't plan to part with. 

Goldie Hawn

I had a great body hugging black lycra dress that sat two inches above my knees, it had long sleeves, a round neckline and full shoulder pads (oh the 80's shoulder padded everything). I wore the dress to as many body-hugging-dress-occasions as allowed; but I really had to be in a 'slim' mood to put it on. I loved that little black dress, it was very sexy.

Julia Roberts in Vintage Valentino

In addition to the little black dress, I have and still do, own several LONG black dresses. One of my favourites was a full length black velvet gown with a deep V in the back. The dress had a white chiffon scarf that was tacked along the front neckline and draped down the back V of the dress. The Vintage Valentino gown that Julia Roberts wore to the Oscars was very similar in style to the gown I own.

Marilyn in a great slip dress.

The Little Black Slip Dress is a great item to have in your wardrobe, provided you have fabulously toned arms. It will present itself elegantly enough to wear out for dinner when donned with a pair of heels and still be a great dress to wear with slipper flats for the daytime.

I love vintage styling from the 1950's that has a fitted bodice and full skirt draping to a cocktail length. First Lady, Michelle Obama wore vintage Norman Norell last Christmas; her well toned arms and lean figure compliment the feminine flow of the dress.

The LBD, short or long can be changed with simple accessories. Typically woman wear black heals with a black dress; but the ensemble can take on a whole new look by adding colourful shoes. I bought a great pair of soft red/wine coloured cut velvet heels ..... seriously, they are so pretty. I don't wear them often enough because the weather must be great to keep them in pristine condition. But when I do wear them, it is with this perfect little black dress I currently own, and it really does make the dress look fantastic.

Charismatic !

Princess Diana wore this knock-out LBD to an event on the night that Prince Charles appeared on television admitting his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. This LBD had attitude and was frequently referred to as the 'Up Yours, Charles' dress.

Dorothy Dandridge

American actress and singer, Dorothy Dandridge wore everything well; in particular she looked strikingly elegant. The black cat suit is topped with a long black sheer skirt that peeps open to review her elegant and lean frame. Elegantly and playfully she added a pair of kitten heels to complete the look. This is a great addition to the little black dress wardrobe, and is a timeless style.

I read somewhere recently about a stylish woman who admitted she had 67 little black dresses............ she obviously lives by the motto that 'you can never have too many'. Can you imagine her wardrobe closet.

One of the most iconic LBD's is the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Here she proves that when the dress fits you can look striking and gorgeous doing even the simplest things.

I always feel 'dressed' when I wear one of my black dresses, whether it is short or long.  When I select one of my LBD's to wear for a dinner out with Richard I feel extra special, somehow more elegant.  He of course, is the most generous man in many ways and in particular with his compliments. Richard always makes me feel special and I love to dress in up for our special nights out...... in my little black dress.

With Richard in Greece .... wearing my 'Audrey' dress.

Little, Long, Short, Strapless, Full-skirt, Sheath ............... 
sexy and GLAMOUROUS..... the LBD.


  1. How fabulous! I couldn't agree more. It's a girl's wardrobe must have. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. I loved this Katherine. Anything Jackie wore I loved. But I think my favorite in the whole bunch of them is the dress that Michelle Obama has on in that photo. That is so my style! I rarely wear black, but I do have a couple of LBDs for special occasions.
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my post.

  3. Where can you find the black lace midi dress with sleeves?

    1. Julia,
      The image is from a few years ago, so likely not available. If you google black lace dress with sleeves you will find many options that are available in the current market.

  4. is it appropriate to wear a black dress to prom ?
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    1. Black dresses are the ultimate perfect fit no matter what the occasion. Perfect for a prom - just add a dash of sparkle.

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