Tuesday, December 23, 2014


** I had this post in a draft from a few weeks ago. Although the snow is now gone and the lawn is showing her green again, I thought it really is too pretty not to show you. So for those who think Christmas isn't complete without a snowfall ... here it is.

For someone who is a real summer girl, I can't resist the first pretty snowfall of the season. We received a blanket of snow today that left the trees painted in white flakes. I love how quiet the snow is. I stopped several times while shoveling the driveway just to hear the whisper of the snow falling. It really is a picture of beauty.

Our church - Saint Andrews, is pretty at any time, but especially with a winter wonderland framing it.

I may need to look back at this post in February when I'm fed up with the snow. But today it is a pretty picture.

How about you - are you a lover of summer or snow?


  1. I love the snowy photos! Merry Christmas!

  2. I do too. I even enjoy shoveling the snow. But by February I'll be wishing it would all just melt.