Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eleventh Hour Shopping

I don't like going out into the stores the last few days before Christmas. I always plan in my mind to stay home and finish the wrapping, baking more {because I've gotten so off track with that in recent years}, and arranging the treasures for the stockings.

If you are still shopping or looking for idea's of what to buy someone, here are a few Eleventh Hour Shopping idea's. And here is just the girl to get the last minute shopping done. This is our adorable Granddaughter a few years ago, out for her Santa visit and a bit of shopping. Yes, she melts hearts.

I discovered all of these gifts at Chapters Indigo. They did not compensate me for posting about their store. It just happens to be one of my favourite spots to shop and share with readers.

1. Baby, Baby : something different for the tiny elves on your list.

These are first Christmas size - so sweet.

Are these not adorable?

These are so tiny. I can imagine them on a sweet baby boy.

2. For HER : Sweet things for the sweet girls in your life.

Colourful luggage tags - perfect to identify your case easily.
These socks slouched down would make great slippers as well.

Hot water bottles with knit covers. Great for Hockey mom's to take to the arena.

3.  The Boys : Sometimes a bit tougher to buy for.

Double sided pillow so he can decide the mood.

Never met a guy who isn't a Scorsese fan.

A little something for the pup to give man's best friend.
And something manly too keep the books upright on the shelf.

Easy wrapping for the boys - Canadian Moose gift bags

4.  Hostess Gifts : Not your average store bought bon-bons.

For him or her. Flavoured easy to make pancake mix.

Purveyors of Splendid Goods - you just know it's going to be special.

I can't decide, so both of these need to come home with me.

White chocolate covered pretzels perfectly wrapped for the hostess.

You can never go wrong with books. Something a bit more light-hearted for the cook.

This is the gift you might want to keep for yourself. Timeless and classic.

5.  Santa : Something to help Santa feel welcomed when he comes to visit. These would make the perfect gift to start a Night Before Christmas tradition for children; or for  him, her or a hostess.

Cocoa or cider ?

This one is not from Chapters, but something I discovered while out shopping. We have the ultimate Frozen movie fanatic in our house. And while we know she's been good and Santa will shower her in Disney Frozen gifts, there is this wrapping option to compliment the Elsa and Anna holiday wrap.

I cannot imagine what we would do with Disney Frozen Duck tape {via Staples}, so I left it on the shelf. Just a bit of marketing gone crazy.

Enjoy the last minute shopping and preparing.

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  1. What a great list! Hope you have a terrific Christmas :)