Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things are getting spooky

Last year our house looked frightening with all the construction going on. So this year I thought it would be fun for Kya to decorate the front porch Halloween. The purple sparkle pumpkin lights up and changes colour {I must remember to turn it on}. We picked out a large pumpkin together and I painted it black so the stick-on bling would stand out. Can never have enough bling on your pumpkin.
Big branches from yard work and an old wicker bird cage give our paper bats a place to hang from. The purple mini lites - so inexpensive a'la Walmart, give a bit of Halloween glow to the branches both inside the front foyer and on the porch. The black crows sitting up in the branches outside are from Micheal's Crafts.

Someone asked me why I painted the pumpkin black - hey, it matches the rest of the front decor.

I have to admit that these cheese hot dog mummies have been on the menu twice for Kya in the past few weeks. She has had fun making them with me and thankfully loves hot dogs and cheese.

Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween.

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